Why Oracle Dyn’s Email Reputation Management Can Be A Game Changer for Ongage Senders

04 December 2018 - Our friends from Dyn

If you’re reading this, you know that email marketing can be hard. Between trying to gain new subscribers
to navigating into the inbox to getting people to actually read your emails, it’s a marketing discipline that
has to be taken seriously and worked on in order to achieve success.

However, many companies don’t agree. Understaffing is a constant as email either becomes part of a
marketing manager’s function instead of a separate position, or staff responsibilities from the content and
technical side are stretched thin. That results in less attention to detail, less management, and less
success. Social media is quicker and thus, that seems to get the attention these days even though email
is the original form of social media.

Through our partnership with Ongage, the Oracle Dyn team has brought on several Reputation
Management clients, companies and brands that send through both of us and need some additional help
when it comes to, well, everything I listed above.

Here’s a few of the tasks that make up our day-to-day:

Weekly reviews of bounces: Every week, we do a review of the last seven days of hard and soft
bounces, looking for trends, spikes, or just to ensure things are good. We then use that information to
take action in the case there is an actionable item like whitelisting or sending configuration changes.

Blacklist monitoring: We monitor for dozens and dozens of various blacklists and take action to clear
them up after they happen.

Ramp plans: When companies first want to send through us, we work on a plan for how to best bring that
email onto our network, called a ramp plan. We also do these for new streams of email that existing
senders want to bring over from another provider.

IP, subdomain, and subaccount strategies: We work with companies on splitting up their different
types of email so we can best track performance and identify issues. Perhaps high complaints on a
welcome email stream is affecting daily newsletter sends or transactional email should be pulled out and
sent through its own IP. We sift through all of it to provide an action plan and monitor progress.

Reports and check-ins: We provide both weekly and monthly reports and, if needed, weekly or monhly
check-in calls to track progress, provide insights, and to answer questions. We also email a lot with our
clients during the day, so if there’s a question out there, we get it answered ASAP.

Those are just a few of the ways yours truly and the rest of our team earns a paycheck twice a month. But
with anything email related, there’s always lots of pebbles between the rocks that make up a great email
partnership which is what we strive for when it comes to our Reputation Management clients and our
relationship with Ongage.

If you’re an Ongage sender, or thinking about sending through Ongage, and are interested in services like
what you read about above, reach out to your account representative or send in a inquiry.
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Josh Nason is a Senior Email Deliverability Consultant for Oracle Dyn and has worked in the industry for
more than a decade.