15 January 2018 - Sharon Beilis

Why is it that you walk in for a bunch of cilantro and walk out with a bag or two full of other groceries? Simply put, we actually want and are happy to have these gluten-free snacks and the bottle of Rosé, but we didn’t think about them until we saw them. Cilantro was our entry point, and the rest of it was the result of some great placement and segmentation in the grocery story.

This is the same principle that advanced email marketers need to apply to their vertical market email campaigns. When a mom browses houses in Orange County, a thirty-something signs up for the free dating service on Zoosk, or a guy clicks through the open nursing positions in Philadelphia, they are setting foot in the digital store in search of one thing, but open to many other options, if only they knew about them.

Classified Vertical Email Marketing

Classified vertical marketing means getting as specific as possible about who your email recipient is so that you get in and stay in their inbox. Dynamic content ensures that your email content is relevant across the lifetime of your subscriber’s relationship with you.

Dynamic content for dating sites, real estate, job search sites


Web content

If increasing the click-rate is your goal, you need to have excellent web content for recipients to land on. Try these industry-specific tips:


Behavioral based content personalization

Go beyond <insert recipient’s name here> in the subject line. Learn how to meet the demographic and psycho-graphic needs of segmented subscribers with content that capitalizes on their recent searches on your site and other subscriber insights you may be missing.



There are a few great articles with tips for real estate retargeting, but this can be a successful strategy for using dynamic content in any market. Retargeting passive job seekers in competitive industries can prove fruitful with timing and the right content. Advanced email marketers can use retargeting to create behaviorally segmented content using historical user data.


How to Use Dynamic Content in Email Marketing

Your email marketing is only as good as the delivery system that gets inboxing rates up and iterates toward higher click-rates and lower unsubscribes.


Use these strategies to get your emails read:

Real-time A/B Testing

Send the most impactful email content from subject line to CTA by using real-time A/B testing. Ongage offers testing of up to 5 versions of various elements from landing pages to send days and time.

Pair Content with Design

Dynamic email content must be combined with a design that matches your brand’s professional tone. Give developers end-result visibility to make sure that all of the email’s pieces fit together in a way that increases inboxing and open rates.

Use Triggered Emails

Send emails based on timing and user behavior so you get to the inbox just when your subscriber wants to see you. Sending follow-up emails post-purchase or when a house goes on the market will make your recipients more likely to stay subscribed and engaged.

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