Top 5 Summer Email Marketing Tips to Implement Today

31 July 2018 - Sharon Beilis

Summer is a great time to take a breath, relax a bit, change things up and charge yourself up with the energy you need for the months to come. Your email marketing operation is no exception.

Before the hustle and bustle of the fall, take the time to upgrade your email marketing tactics, implement improvements and set the stage for more successful campaigns in the months to come.

Wondering how to do that? See our top 5 tips to improving your email marketing tips this summer.  


Speak Like it's Summer

Before making changes for the future, take advantage of the steaming summer and step into your subscribers’ flip-flops.

Do this by creating email marketing campaigns that are summer-styled and get your subscribers in a good mood. Perhaps create a sweepstakes with a prize of tickets to a water park or incorporate summer-style CTAs such as “Hot Offer” or “Dive in”.

Don’t forget to take into account statistics for your specific industry. For example, if you are in the HR field, recruiting slows down in July, but tells us that “[it] picks up at the end of August.” Plan your strategy according to the summer peaks of your industry.


Examine your SMTP Provider

Many email marketers often stay with their SMTP vendor out of habit. They don’t change to a different provider that could be more beneficial to them because they are afraid of the time it will take and the integration pains that may occur.

That is why summer is a great time to examine your relationship with your SMTP provider and see if they are truly the most beneficial one for your unique company needs. Don’t forget that email marketing platforms (like Ongage) make that process even more seamless by letting you switch between dozens of vendors instantly.


Clean up Your List

It’s important to regularly maintain good list hygiene. However, email marketers often find that cleaning up lists gets pushed to the sidelines year round. That is why summer is a great time to focus on cleaning up your lists and making sure that your users are relevant, engaged and active.

Even subscribers that opted in to your list may have changed emails, or their interests may have changed, making your content less relevant for them.

Having a clean list can help you improve your IP reputation as well as inbox placement. If your list suffers from unsubscribes, bounces or lack of engagement, and the best time to do that is now!


Spend time on Analytics

Summer is a great time to start planning ahead – whether looking to get a head start on fall campaigns or building a promotional calendar for the upcoming year, examining analytics from past years can help email marketers optimize their campaigns.

By examining past campaigns, email marketers can improve their insight into what drives engagement and conversion by their recipients. Cross-analyze campaigns sent during the same time as well as campaigns with key features (flash sale campaigns compared with end-of-season campaigns to see which type of campaign yields better results from their recipients).

Knowing how your recipients engage with your brand in the past is crucial to continuing their engagement in the future, and spending time on analytics this summer is the best way to do that.


Try something new

As a child, summer was a great time to try a new flavor of ice cream and buy new clothes for the upcoming school year. As a young adult, summer was about learning how to surf and traveling to new places. Simply put, summer is a time to try something different.

Take that to your campaigns and try to change things up a bit this summer. A great way to do that is by integrating new dynamic content or integrating new forms of content into your campaigns. Never tried integrating videos? Summer is a great time to try!

Don’t forget to examine the results and segment lists based on recipients respond to your new campaigns. If you suddenly find your recipients love video content, change your email marketing strategy to incorporate more. Your personalized content yields more conversions? See how you can improve personalization for future campaigns.

Use this summer time testing and discovering all the new ways you can optimize email deliverability, reduce costs and maximize ROI.

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