30 November 2015 - Sharon Beilis

 Dynamic content, behavioral email marketing, personalization, email marketing ...

Agile is no longer just for software developers. They have already realized the improved results and increased speed that comes with adopting agile methodologies. Now, it is our turn!

The future of email is here: agile email marketing. It features innovation, personalization, and information. It is fast, effective, and requires a lot less work than the email marketing you are currently doing.
The email marketing space finally has the tools it needs to easily adopt agile too: dynamic content, segmentation, personalization, behavioral email marketing, and more

Satisfy the subscribers with valuable information

To become an agile email marketing expert, we first must shift our focus. We need to stop thinking about how to increase CTR; instead, our goal should be to provide our subscribers useful information. (When we do so, CTR will organically increase)
For example, if you run a job board, don’t send your subscribers flashy emails with fancy CTA buttons and endless promotions. Instead, send them an email with dynamic content that shows them the types of jobs they are looking for in their area with their desired salary. Guess which they are more likely to read, trust, and look forward to receiving: custom job alerts or flashy promotional spam?

Simplifying processes to require less work

Being agile has its roots in simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done. While you can create every email campaign from scratch, agility includes finding ways to minimize the work required to attain great results. By using dynamic content like HTML, RSS and XML feeds or third party content, you can easily create an agile email marketing machine that does the work for you while you reap the benefits.

Planning for change and responding quickly

Email marketing, and marketing in general, has been notoriously bad at adapting to change. When we adopt agile methodologies we can use advancements like behavioral email marketing to adapt to change. For example, users who respond to a certain type of content (videos, for example) can be added to a list segment to receive more of that content (video tutorials, video testimonials, video courses). By using personalization, we can provide valuable content that takes their online behaviors into account (in their next email, the subject could be “Lisa, Want More Videos About…?”)

The easy way to agile

The first step toward recovery from being a regular email marketer to an agile email marketing superstar is admitting that you need to make a change. Once you get past that hurdle, the tools are available to you to begin your transformation right away.
The Ongage toolset offers all of these features that will help you on your quest for agile email marketing stardom:
• Feeds to include in your content (RSS, HTML, and XML)
• Third party data that automatically populates your emails
Personalization in subject, body, and content and triggers (i.e., birthday emails, emails to inactive subscribers, etc.)
• Behavioral email marketing that send different content based on a subscriber’s online actions
• Much more
To find out more about how Ongage tools can help you get more agile, contact us today.