27 December 2015 - Sharon Beilis

 You may have been shocked when we told you that to increase email marketing profits, you have to stop selling, but we have heard from many email marketers who are telling us that they are trying it and seeing amazing results. Are you ready for another shocker?

Another way to improve your email marketing operation is by shortening your list: stopping to email a large portion of the list you worked so hard (or paid so much) to gather.

According to Hubspot, 83% of the time an email is not delivered to an inbox, it is due to a poor sender reputation. And the best way to improve your sender reputation is by emailing only people who truly want your emails. Not just those who opted in – those who are opening your messages, reading them, and engaging with them.

If you have already done all there is to do for your list management, try this:
1. Gauge which subscribers haven’t been opening your emails in a given time period (start with a long period, perhaps 4-6 months, and then repeat for a more recent period).
2. Send a campaign just to those “unengaged” users. Let them know that they will be removed from your list unless they take action to remain on it (respond to the email, re-subscribe, click here, etc.).
3. Delete those who do not re-engage.


Yes – delete.

Forever (or until they come looking for you and resubscribe).

The benefit in this is twofold:
A – you improve the quality of your list to be those who truly want to receive your correspondence.
B – once the unengaged are off the list, your KPIs (open rate, CTR, conversion, sender reputation) will skyrocket.

Just like acknowledging that we need to stop selling and instead start building relationships; so must we forego a high number of subscribers in favor of high quality of subscribers.