Ongage-Mailgun Webinar: 4 Personalization Tricks to Improve Your Email Results

05 March 2019 - Sharon Beilis

Coming up from the Ongage and Mailgun teams, join us for this webinar, where we discussed 4 of the best personalization tips & tricks to improve your email results, and drive your ROI.

Long gone are the days of one size fits all emails — 2019 will only further cement the rise of the savvy consumer, who demands a tailored, relevant and personal experience with your emails on the right device, at the right time. To meet the ever-growing demands of your email recipients, personalizing your email content should be at the top of your to-do list.

Elena Aguirre-Guidet, Product Marketing Specialist at Mailgun, and Ilana Foyer, Head of Customer Success at Ongage, covered a range of information central to nailing personalization within your email marketing operation, including:

  • Segmenting for success

The different ways to segment your mailing lists in more meaningful ways, to enhance engagement

  • Testing your efforts

The pitfalls of A/B testing your emails and how to do make sure you’re approaching and conducting your tests correctly

  • Dynamic content

Where the addition of dynamic content within your emails can not only improve your content, but make your life way easier in the process!

  • Timing to perfection

We’ll discuss how to figure out your timing sweet spot for your email marketing campaigns


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