Conversion Rates Dipping? Stop Doing This!

24 May 2017 - Sharon Beilis

If you’ve noticed a significant drop in your email and website conversion rates, there’s a good chance you’re making certain mistakes that are turning your readers away. If your site is not set up for easy navigation or you’re overwhelming your reader with too much information, they will be less likely to continue respond to any Calls to Action (CTAs) — no matter how valuable the offer or how interesting the initial message may be.

Make sure you’re not guilty of making the following mistakes that are standing in your way of increasing conversion rates:

  • Boring your readers and site visitors

When sending emails, make sure you’re providing just enough useful and engaging information to keep your reader interested. Providing too much or too little information without any compelling message can bore your reader enough that they simply delete the email or jump to another website. Review the quality of your content so you aren’t guilty of turning readers away because of boredom.

  • Neglecting the value of visuals

Images, icons, and other visual elements can support your messages and make a powerful impact. Don’t forget to include some eye-catching graphics, photos, or icons in your email and on your landing pages and display them in an attractive way. Incorporating visual elements into your content can keep your audience engaged enough to keep reading and click (and thus increase conversion rate)

  • Failing to provide a clear CTA

If your CTA is easy to miss or isn’t highlighted in some way, you can’t expect visitors or readers to take the next step and click. Low conversions may simply be the result of a lack of direction — the reader or visitor doesn’t have a clear idea on what they need to do next or are not compelled enough to take action. Your messaging needs to be clear with a call to action displayed in an area where it makes the most sense to take the next step.

  • Using generic content

Whether you’re sending out an email newsletter or transactional messages, make sure your content is engaging and unique enough to elicit some type of action. Using generic or ‘fluff’ content just to fill space or save time can backfire. Create content that appeals to your target audience and is customized for the reader as much as possible. This can help the message resonate with your subscriber enough to convert to the next stage.

  • Making things complicated

In email marketing (some would argue: in life in general), aim to keep it simple! Make sure you’re providing clear directions on what you want your subscriber to do. Even if you’re entertaining the reader with your content, you need to have a clear CTA and messaging around it so the reader can take action without thinking too much.

Adding too many topics to a newsletter or cluttering with too many videos, images, and text can distract your reader and make it almost impossible for them to figure out they need to do something.

Conversion rates can drop for many reasons but most can be fixed with a close analysis of your current email marketing strategy. If you’re seeing a significant decrease in conversion rate numbers, use these tips to ensure you’re providing valuable and engaging content for your readers.

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