How Job Board Professionals Recruit in 2017

01 November 2017 - Sharon Beilis

One of the industry’s most directly impacted by technology and the digital age is the job board one.

Anyone who has ever sent or received an email with job listings will instantly recognize why this industry has been so 

revolutionized – the level of personalization required based on the recipients industry, experience and even location, alongside the complexity of available positions, all make job board email marketing a complicated aspect of recruitment.

Just as innovations have advanced, so did the tools job board professionals have at their disposal, and today anyone who works in this dynamic industry must take full advantage of the variety of tools in order to stay relevant.


The most critical tool for job board professionals is of course the email marketing platform they use in order to send out job offerings and communicate with potential recruits. That’s why selecting an email marketing platform with advanced options for job board professionals is a necessity and not a luxury these days. 


When sending hundreds of thousands and even millions of emails, it is absolutely critical to ensure that your email marketing platform gives you maximum flexibility and options to control the SMTP and ESP provider of your choice.  In doing so email marketers are able to improve deliverability and reduce blacklisting possibility, all while improving ROI and efficiency.


The right email marketing platform will also be user friendly and offer multiple third party integrations so you can control more of what you need in one convenient place. For job board professionals in particular, its important to select an email marketing platform that offers plugins to leading job board API’s and dynamic content integration (HTML, RSS, XML feeds and more). By simplifying the platforms necessary to manage, job board email marketers are able to automate tasks and save time, letting them focus on what they do best – matching up people with the right positons.


As one of the leading email marketing platforms in the job board industry, we are proud to offer our cutting-edge solution to job board marketers worldwide. With one user-friendly dashboard and dozens of integrations that meet the needs of job board professionals, the Ongage email marketing platform is the perfect solution for anyone in the industry.


Ongage offers job board professionals the chance to easily manage multiple lists and segmentation capabilities, making personalized daily alerts simple and effective. Ongage also offers dynamic content integration with leading job board API’s such as Indeed, Jobs2Careers and many more, enhancing the options job board professionals have at their fingertips.


As one of the proud sponsors of the upcoming Jobg8 summit in London (November 9-10, 2017) we would like to invite job board professionals and other email marketing experts in the area to take advantage of our attendance to schedule a personal meeting with one of our agents.


To schedule a time to meet in London contact us at


Thinking of attending the Jobg8 summit?  Click here to read more about why Jobg8 is one of the leading European summits for job board professionals.


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