15 September 2016 - Sharon Beilis

Email marketing professionals know that email is the most effective marketing channel, in fact – they thrive on it. According to a recent survey, MarketingCharts.com shows email marketing as the most effective and one of the least difficult tactics.


Something else experienced email marketing professionals already know is that personalization adds more efficacy to email marketing. Case in point, MarketingSherpa published the results of an Experian study that shows how personalized subject lines increase open rates.


It doesn’t have to end there.

Quite the contrary, in my view, this is only the beginning.

Better email personalization

As we discussed in a previous post, better email personalization is about far more than a {FIRSTNAME} token thrown into a subject line.

When Ms. Stacy Rodgers was looking for a new job, which message do you think she opened?


Using dynamic content to personalize your emails ameliorates your messages from the spam label to the favorite senders label. Subscribers will anticipate content that is custom-made for them and scurry to open messages and click them.

Best email personalization

But we recently discussed an important element in this post. Email marketing isn’t just about the open or the click. To be successful, it must be about the completed conversion. Therefore, personalization cannot end with the email.

After getting an email with personalized content and clicking through, imagine the bump in conversions if the resulting landing page is personalized too. Here are some examples:




Use what you know

By tracking everything you know about users (personal information, referring URLs, preferences, geolocation), you can hyper-personalize their email content and the resulting landing page or offer. Professional email marketers need to think outside the (in)box – personalize the entire journey for better results!

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