Email Marketing Trend: Interconnectivity of Media

18 October 2017 - Sharon Beilis
If you run a car dealership that sells SUVs, you want to make sure families looking to buy a new vehicle are made aware of your auto dealership more than the competitors. In bygone eras, you could rely on mailers and local commercials to 
fill the lots. Whether it’s selling cars or finding buyers for a home, marketing times have changed.

Digital marketing (and email marketing in particular) has established itself as the way to market. It is no longer up for debate if implementing email marketing best practices is worth your ROI.

As a modern marketer, you understand that leaflets, fliers, and one-page ads are a thing of the past. Still, you could be missing your target audience if you are not integrating data from all of the available platforms.


Social Media is Everywhere

The interconnectivity of media through social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and digital advertising is a perfect playing field for classified ads like real estate, job boards, and the automotive industry. Your email marketing best practices need to incorporate the interconnectivity of media.

  • People browsing social media are having fun and relaxing, therefore more open to hearing about a product that is the right fit
  • Facebook newsfeed ads are the best bet due to the extended descriptions, according to the The Marketing Institute
  • You can access a wealth of information about your audience, things like age and education level, and pinpoint ads toward that group
  • Once an engaged consumer clicks the social media ad, use a sign-up form so they can join your email list and become a long-term subscriber

As any pay-per-click expert can tell you, exposure increases engagement with a product or service. While they may bemoan the pop-ups or ads in their Facebook news feeds and Twitter feeds, these same consumers are much more likely to purchase or use a service they have seen multiple times. Use the familiarity principle to your advantage: expose consumers to your brand through media and email marketing campaigns that learn from each other.

So what does this mean for you as a digital marketing guru?


Email Marketing in the New Social Order

The ubiquity of social media in every facet of a person’s life demands an email marketing strategy that acknowledges the social phenomenon’s influence. Agile email marketing must incorporate data from and interact with social media marketing.

1. You need an email marketing strategy that combines your other media strategies through dynamic, targeted content modules that inform each other.

  • Make sure a family looking for a home in a particular zip code knows who their local real estate agent is
  • Update a marketing professional looking to make a move to Philadelphia with the job opportunities in that area
  • Utilize the data from both digital advertising and email marketing campaigns to inform one another for smarter marketing
2. Your team must be able to track and evolve the strategy based on engagement with your campaigns.
3. Email campaigns need to be a smart corollary to other digital marketing efforts through automated email marketing.
  • AI improvements make email marketing simpler through targeting the subject, offering style, and product suggestions
  • Smart email marketing strategies use big data to improve marketing efforts before the face-palm moment of your bounce-rate statistics

The bottom line is that the interconnectivity of media is an email marketing trend that isn’t going anywhere and you need an email marketing platform that incorporates this reality.

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