25 May 2016 - Sharon Beilis

 Job Board like CareerCo, Adecco, and VHMnetwork often rely heavily on email marketing as a channel that drives traffic, conversions, and ultimately – sales. As effective of a channel as email marketing is, it often comes with some challenges that marketing executives must recognize, strategize, and solve.

 Deliverability challenges

If there were a mecca for job board email marketers, the inbox would be it. Creating messages that are inboxed, avoiding bounces, spam filters, and the new obstacle of the Gmail promotions tab, is the ultimate challenge.  Of course, the correct way to optimize deliverability is to maintain a clean subscriber list. But once you have ensured that your list is scrubbed, there is another way to improve deliverability: use the best provider for each list segment.

Reduce email marketing costs

Marketing departments at job board companies are beings asked to create more leads with leaner budgets. They have to reduce their costs while increasing their results. CareerCo sends millions of emails every day and was able to use Ongage to reduce costs with multiple Amazon SMTP relay accounts, save man hours with many automation feature, and improve results of trigger campaigns using dynamic content.

Using third party dynamic content for personalization

Job board marketers need a constant stream of fresh content for subscribers that is based on profile and location (a mechanic in Detroit needs different content than a programmer in the Silicon Valley). The solution comes in the form of integrations with data providers like Indeed, Jobs2Career, and Razer. Automating this dynamic content reduces wasted time, energy and money previously spent on updates and manual management.

So many data sources, so little time

Managing email marketing operations at job board companies often means having to be data-driven, but having too many places where data is collected and not enough time to manually analyze it all. By using a dashboard like Ongage, you get a single home for all of your email marketing information. By aggregating all of the relevant data in one place automatically, insights are revealed and optimization can quickly be implemented to save cost and improve ROI.


Finding how to invest extra time and money

Wait . . . what?!? That’s right: the job boards that use Ongage to solve the challenges of improving deliverability, reducing costs, streamlining personalization, and analyzing data, are all of a sudden, finding extra time and money. Their new challenge becomes creating an investment strategy for their newfound resources.

How will you invest yours?