Your Words – Our $300 Amazon Gift Card!

15 November 2016 - Sharon Beilis

You’re a marketer with tons of experience and tools under your belt – and one of those tools just happens to be our incredibly robust email-marketing platform.

So when you’re talking to your other email marketing friends (we know you have some) and telling them of great tools that they have to use, you probably keep Ongage secret since we’re your deliverability ninjas and dynamic content integration kings and you don’t always want to share.

We also know that 91% of B2B buyers rely on word-of-mouth when making a buying decision, and we wanted your mouth to start spreading the word about our company!

Last week we got our top minds got together to come up with a great campaign that would remind you how ROI focused our email-marketing platform is and how many vendors we integrate with (over 40!) to try to come up with an idea that would make you want to share the news with your friends.

We came up with a great idea – an unlimited supply of Amazon Gift Cards!

How can you get unlimited gift cards? Or at least $300 worth?

  1. Think of a friend, colleague or newbie marketer that will love ongage and introduce them to Danny, our VP Sales & Business Development (he’s really nice and can’t wait to give away all the Amazon gift cards he has sitting in his office right now)
  2. When your friend completes account setup on the free trial & schedule a demo , we will give you a $100 Amazon Gift Card
  3. If your friend joins Ongage as a client, we will send you $200 more!

If you’re really popular and have lots of friends, we have lots of cards!

Ready to make the introduction? Email Danny at