Improve Inbox Placement with Better Database Management

In the grand list of email marketing KPIs, deliverability - or inbox placement - is one of the fundamentals. To improve any of your other metrics - sales, conversions, clicks, opens - your message first has to land inside the subscriber’s inbox. To improve your inbox placement, follow these five best practices for managing your database:

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You Can Now Use Ongage with Your SparkPost Subaccounts!

This post was originally published on Sparkpost's blog


With the number of worldwide email users forecast to rise to 2.9 billion users by 2019, email marketing professionals are busy! We need solutions that make our jobs easier and make us more effective.

When SparkPost, added subaccounts, professional email developers rejoiced. You can now separate out your clients, business units, or mail...

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Conversion Rates Dipping? Stop Doing This!

If you’ve noticed a significant drop in your email and website conversion rates, there’s a good chance you’re making certain mistakes that are turning your readers away. If your site is not set up for easy navigation or you’re overwhelming your reader with too much information, they will be less likely to continue respond to any Calls to Action (CTAs) — no matter how valuable the offer or how...

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The Hidden Opportunities in Email Unsubscribes

When you’re reviewing your email marketing metrics and checking the number of unsubscribes from a big campaign, don’t overlook the benefits of saying goodbye to a former subscriber.

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Agile Email Marketing: An Affiliate Marketer’s Secret Weapon for Micro-Segmenting

Affiliate marketing is growing at a record pace. Let’s examine some data:

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The Best Email Marketing Blogs to Follow

The email marketing space is a place where the only constant is change. Best practices change, available technologies change, the competitive landscape changes...and the best way to stay in the know is by following those who are the first to know.

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