Celebrating Five Years of Partnership with Oracle-Dyn

Ongage is proud to celebrate five years of successful collaboration with leading deliverability experts, Oracle Dyn.

Oracle Dyn’s cloud-based email delivery platform offers SMBs and enterprises sending bulk marketing and 

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A Template for the Perfect Email

Ask ten people to tell you about their perfect romantic partner, and you’ll hear ten very different people described. What a person wants in a partner is dependent on their current values, hobbies, interests, and experiences. In the same way that there is no one objective perfect person for anyone and everyone (forgetting George Clooney), there is no perfect email, but this template gets you...

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Hot Email Marketing Trends: Behavior Segmentation

New home owners are known to spend hours agonizing over which shade of off-white to paint the living room, evidenced by the small strokes of eggshell, vanilla, and ivory upon the wall. We may laugh at the variety of off-white paint colors that exist, but the truth is everyone wants something different, even when the distinction is imperceptible to others.

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How Email Authentication Protocols Increase Deliverability

We’ve all seen this TV trope a thousand times: the main character slips past a sleeping security guard into an important, seemingly-protected area. Spammers and malicious email senders work the same way--they take advantage of email gatekeepers that are not doing enough.

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Simplify Recruitment With Latest Ongage Integration

As part of the ongoing mission to improve the lives of email marketers through a series of enhancements and integrations, Ongage has rolled out the latest ZipRecruiter integration.

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Getting the Full Picture with Email Analytics

Mailgun Guest Post for Ongage
There’s a lot of hype around big data and analytics these days. You can easily track websites, social shares, ad campaigns, sleep habits, step counts, diets, and – depending on your chosen email marketing platform or email delivery provider – you can probably track your emails too.
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